What we have achieved as a resident led environmental group, over the last 10 years has been incredible. Support us in doing even more.



Conservation: argued for and won an extension of the conservation area (in June 2014), preserving the character of buildings that range now from 1658 to 1860s when the arrival of the railways brought considerable change to the area. The conservation area includes some post war buildings where WW2 bombs had destroyed the original buildings.



Planted three commemorative trees: two heritage crab apple to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Utitarian Church (1709-2009), and an oak tree in Jubilee year (2012). This is the first oak to be planted in London parks for many years, the tree of choice, and ours date back to before 1860, are the very beautiful plane trees.



Worked with a project placing small bronzes on Newington Green, which symbolize various aspects of local history – there are 6, see if you can find them. 


Wildlife: Created a green corridor where we have planted over 60 native trees, held workshops in nest building and planting for wildlife; given away saplings awarded to us from the Woodland Trust, encouraged pond building and the provision of water in private gardens and public spaces. We have worked on this in conjunction with the RSPB, The Woodland Trust, London Boroughs of Islington and Hackney Urban Foresters, the BBC Breathing Spaces grant, the London Wildlife Trust, The Wildlife Gardening Forum.  




NGAG is and RHS Affiliated Society, and we have been awarded a high merit in our participation of Islington in Bloom. We have also, participated in Chelsea Fringe gardens planting temporary planters throughout the conservation area.



Protection:  working with the Safer Neighbourhood teams, dog reinforcement officers and London Streets we help make aware general degradation of the environment through reporting fly tipping, graffiti, dog fouling, damage of public property such as park benches, road signs, walls and pavements. Vandalism – uplighter, treasures.



We are particularly vigilant about our trees which are regrettably, still damaged. We work closely with Greenspace and Islington council to monitor and report on any willful damage to our environment. 



We were the first borough to promote a

plastic bag free area!