The executive committee meets monthly, to discuss local issues to do with Newington Green itself and the Newington Green area.

NGAG's catchment area for membership and general concern straddles the borders of Hackney and Islington and is roughly a quarter of a mile's radius from Newington Green.

Members are welcome to present ideas and community issues which they would like the committee to consider getting involved with. We are able to co-opt members to the committee and we have sub-groups that focus on specific areas of interest such as putting on an event and wildlife and the environment. The more people get involved with NGAG, the more our voice will be heard.


Susie Burrows



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Roger Simmonds


I moved to Newington Green (Ferntower Road) in 1987 and although at the time parts were a little "run down" it was clear that, although small in physical area, the Green had a very identifiable sense of place with a (mostly) tolerant religious/ethnic mix and a long and illustrious history of initiating social change. Thirty years on, and now a Conservation Area, Newington Green has simply gone on getting better; it is now a greener, cleaner more vibrant place with a wide range of independent shops and a growing reputation as a destination for eating out.


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Lizzy Bassham

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Lizzy has been a member of NGAG since 2013 and enjoys organising the community events- such as the Carol concerts and Jazz on The Green. She owns a small business on the green itself called Lizzy's On The Green.

"I've never known such a happy, diverse community. It's unique and being a member of NGAG enables me to do my part to keep it that way"


Jenny Kay


Jenny is a Labour Councillor 


Dianne Stewart


I moved to Newington Green in 2014 after life in rural Buckinghamshire, and I’m loving its diversity, its buzz and central location:  I look forward to helping organise more events on the Green!

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Andy Pakula


I am the minister of London’s non-religious church, New Unity, which is located in the historic meeting house at the north end of the green. I am most interested in helping people in the area who are suffering with loneliness, alienation, poverty, and racism.