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Our Beginning

Formed in 1997, NGAG is a small charity with around 100 members and we are governed by a constitution. We have taken forward and achieved the physical regeneration of Newington Green, transforming the area and reclaiming a much-loved Green at the center of our community.

The work included the landscaping of the Green, narrowing roads, widening the footways, a new east/west access path and three new zebra crossings as well as the pedestrianisation of the Southwest corner of Newington Green. 

“It is Justice not charity that is wanting in the world.”

—Mary Wollstonecraft


Our mission

FOR Mary Wollstonecraft


Newington Green is where Mary Wollstonecraft began her writing career, starting with reviews, translations and books for children, before writing her internationally-acclaimed work on what we now call human rights.

Mary Wollstonecraft wrote extensively on the significance of education and learning. At 25, she established a girls’ boarding school in Newington Green.

No substantial memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft exists anywhere in the world. Newington Green Action Group, after local public consultation, has initiated the Mary on the Green fundraising campaign to recognise her achievements by erecting a sculptural memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft on Newington Green. The site is within a Conservation Area and 'In Principle' consent has been granted by Islington Council and Islington Greenspace, who manage the public park and support the campaign.

Our funding target is £200,000 – of which £50,000 will be used to set up an educational trust.  We have raised £60,000 so far.



Get involved

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